It’s #WeedWeek in Las Vegas, and the media has flocked to the ArcView Conference to cover those making (green) waves in America’s next big industry.

CBS affiliate KLAS interviewed several of the participating companies for a piece on the event, including Poseidon Asset Management, Auntie Dolores, and Heliospectra.

“There is lots of money to be made in the marijuana business and nobody knows that more than the entrepreneurs trying to get financing” they write.

“’It's very exciting and dynamic,’ Chris Walker with Heliospectra said, ‘Changes are everywhere. Everything is maturing quickly. The good players are being filtered from the bad and we're finding every day something new.’ Investors say the possibilities for marijuana businesses are endless.

“’There is technology, real estate, consulting… a lot of real efficiencies being created,’ Morgan Paxhia with Poseidon Asset Management said. They say events like this remind them of when the tech industry was first emerging.

“’What we're seeing is one of those times in life, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Paxhia said.

“And the people with the cash say, they're ready to spend…”

Indeed they are! It’s great to see mainstream media covering the excitement at events like these. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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