Last week was a big one in Las Vegas, for gamblers of all sorts. It was #WeedWeek, with the ArcView Meeting taking place on Tuesday and the Marijuana Business Daily Conference on Thursday. Poseidon pitched at ArcView and was very well received.

On Thursday, a Shark Tank-style pitch slam took place at the MJ Business Daily Conference. Emily Paxhia, Founding Partner and Director of Relations at Poseidon, sat on the panel, along with some very interesting personalities from within and without the industry: Brendan Kennedy from Privateer Holdings, Tom Bollich of Surna, Patrick Rea of Miso Capital, and most notably, Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Mr. Cohen also lectured the morning of the panel on the topic of growing businesses with social responsibility in mind.

The handful of pitches on Thursday ran the gamut, from cannabis extraction delivery companies to specialized growers in Colorado. The most notable pitches came from Auntie Em's, a cannabis edible start up specializing in cupcakes, and Green Broz, manufacturer of an ingenious bud trimming machine that increases de-leafing productivity many times over.

The panelists, each having heard (and given) hundreds of pitches for capital, had sage advice both on the business plans for the companies as well as the structure of the pitches themselves.

The day ended with a vote by the judges, and when the ballots were counted, GreenBroz was the winner. We wish them good luck in landing the $1 million of capital they seek for expanding their business.