Source: LA Times

Source: LA Times

The LA Times covered the cannabis industry events last week in Vegas, highlighting the excitement for prospective investors and industry veterans alike.

“The rapid spread of laws permitting recreational pot is enticing hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, software developers and many others to get in on what inevitably is being touted as a green rush,” reporter Evan Halper writes.

"There is a massive potential," Emily Paxhia, who co-owns one of the new pot hedge funds, Poseidon Asset Management, told the gathering. "It is untapped. It is just sitting there below the surface and it is ready to come above ground."

Probably the most brilliant piece of wordsmithing comes a few sentences later:

“Humboldt County, meet Silicon Valley.”

It’s also nice that Halper highlights the somewhat higher level of consciousness imbued in the cannabis movement (no pun intended). This is embodied in little things like the yoga stretch that is normally a part of the ArcView Group events, led by Jessica Dugan.

"It is important we acknowledge the relentless work we have been putting our bodies and our minds through," Jessica was quoted saying. “In order to maintain our sector's growth, it is important to have some kind of mindfulness practice."

Speaking of mindfulness, the author also does a good job mentioning the need for all professional parties in the cannabis industry to acknowledge the privilege we are experiencing--that is, the ability to professionally and openly invest in cannabis ventures in full sight of the law. Hundreds of unfortunate souls, many of them minorities, still languish behind bars for dealing or selling cannabis. Advocacy groups like the NCIA and MPP deserve our support.  

Fascinating article and well worth a read. Check it out here.