At Château Maris, wine makers are defying expectations by using cannabis products in their vineyard materials.

Apparently, the Domaine was keen to build a winery that embraced all that was good about new technology while not neglecting proven, traditional wine making practices. In order to do that, they built their chais with hemp lime bricks that are supported by a wooden structure. The materials are, for the most part, vegetal and a renewable resource. They emit no harmful gases, nor do they emit dust allergens or static electricity. They also are able to naturally regulate moisture, so that no ventilation or cooling system is necessary.

As a plant, hemp consumes CO2 and it requires no pesticides or irrigation. It is also well known for its positive properties in maintaining topsoil. The simplicity of the building method also helped to avoid a lot of site waste. It has proven to be the perfect material for this forward-thinking winery!

While we have not yet tasted their bio-dynamic wines, we are eager to, and it appears that Wine Spectator holds them no grudge.

Bravo, Château Maris! Check them out here.