A UK father battling cancer helped beat the disease with the help of cannabis.

In 2012, Trevor Smith, 54, was diagnosed with bladder cancer and told he had just two years to live without chemotherapy and the immediate removal of his prostate, bladder and other organs.  

The prospect of such a radical surgery intimidated him, understandably. He knew his quality of life would be immensely affected. So he decided to try alternative therapies, including taking cannabis oil.

Two weeks later, despite doctor’s warnings, the cancer had not spread.

They used far less invasive procedures to remove the cancerous regions, and the father of three now has been free of cancer of a year.  

“When doctors told me I had gone into remission, I was lost for words, I almost couldn’t believe it… I feel indebted to the oil and its medical properties. There are alternatives to chemotherapy but people just need to open their eyes to it.”

Scientific research suggests that cannabinoids do posses anti-cancer properties which could help stop growth of tumors. Clinical trials in the US and UK are being funded as we speak.

When considering this path of therapy, Smith and his wife got in contact with a legal manufacturer of cannabis oil in the USA, who agreed to supply them with the drug—which is illegal in the UK and carries a five year prison sentence.

Mr Smith said: “It wasn’t a case of I had no respect for the law, I was fighting to save my life… At that point, I would have risked everything to beat the cancer. These options have always been there, even in the UK, but the medical system has kept it from everyone… I never really gave it a second thought; I was in a race against time, so I had to roll the dice.”

He began taking 60 grams of the oil daily, and while it took some time to get used to the effects (he had no experience with the plant previously), he persevered.

“Mechanistically,” Smith said, “both THC and cannabinoids work by switching on cell killing processes that are found in cancer cells. The idea is that by switching these on, cell death can be engaged leading to reductions in tumors.

“Similarly, actions through these signaling cascades could actually make the cancer cells more sensitive to other forms of therapy - I suppose cannabinoids and THC could act by laying the foundations for other therapies to work more effectively.”

Source: Daily Mail