It was only a matter of time before the tech sector--previously the fastest growing industry--caught up with the current fastest growing industry--cannabis. These two strata are now crossbreeding for some very interesting synergistic (and financial) opportunities. Nipping this moment in the bud is the Marijuana Tech Startup Competition--a three day conference of which Poseidon will participate and act as judge. 

Team Poseidon plans to meet with investors and entrepreneurs focused on the ‘tech play’ in the cannabis space. MassRoots is hosting the event in hopes of breeding a culture of innovation and forward-thinking technology to continue to show the capabilities of this industry. Emily will be a judge on the panel – hearing the pitches and participating where appropriate.

We will also be checking out some current investments and exploring new companies while in Denver. The first hemp harvest is beginning, so we are aiming to meet with some farmers there. Hemp is ever interesting as a new key crop in the US and something we will continue to explore.

If you’re in Denver during 9/26-9/28, please reach out – we would love to connect.