Our interview with the good folks at Cashinbis just went live this week. We are very excited about how it turned out!

“Whoever tries to convince you that two isn’t better than one, hasn’t witnessed the power and drive that Poseidon Asset Management brings to the table,” they begin. “He’s sharp, a master of crunching the numbers, and thrives when business plans are in his hands. She’s articulate, a confident problem solver, and is constantly striving to extend their company’s outreach.”

What follows is a detailed interview with our co-founders, what drives them, and how Poseidon came to be. We especially enjoyed the opportunity to tell our story from the beginning.

“Our father was a business owner and an entrepreneur of sorts and his spirit for tackling the challenges of running your own business really stayed with me,” Emily begins. “We knew that this industry was the right place to step out as entrepreneurs, as we understood that any entrepreneurial endeavor would require passion and dedication and we are both very passionate about cannabis.”

Morgan steps in with similar sentiments about the Paxhias’ formative years.

“Entrepreneurship runs through our family’s history. After college, my father started a business rehabbing performance and antique cars. They built that business and used the positive cash flow to fund their real estate business. By the time our parents passed away, they had amassed a collection of over 50 income producing properties around the Western New York region...My first entrepreneurial journey began around age 12, which was also the same year our father passed away.

“That summer, I partnered up with a friend in a landscaping venture… One particular hot summer day we were tasked with de-stumping an oak tree with nothing more than a hose, a couple shovels and an ax. We worked 8 to 12 hour days all summer long. That was my first taste of doing our own thing and growing a business.”

The Paxhias then go on to detail how the passing of their parents at an early age, both to cancer, lead to their interest in this field. Having had to witness their parents suffer the ravages of cancer treatments was torturous.

“Our dad had really wanted to gain access to cannabis during this time for nausea, but didn’t because of the stigma against it,” Emily says. “We know cannabis would have helped him – something that has made a permanent impact on us. Why should anyone not have access to a plant that can help to alleviate symptoms and suffering with very little to no side effects?”

The interview is both a touching and inspiring read for any interested investor in the space, as well as fellow entrepreneurs.

Read the full interview here.