Poseidon founders Emily and Morgan Paxhia were interviewed last week on the CannaInsider podcast by host Matthew Kind.

The interview hits on how Emily and Morgan took their strengths in marketing, research, and finance to create the pioneering hedge fund investing exclusively in cannabis. It details their history with the plant, and how witnessing the loss of their parents to cancer--with painful treatments that could have been eased with safe access to medical cannabis--started them thinking about the plant in their youth.

The interview also goes on to detail how they go about selecting a company to invest in, and the lengthy process of due diligence. Even if a company seems to work well on paper, Emily says, meeting the founders themselves is often the biggest factor involved in the decision of whether or not to invest. A company's success is so much more than what is on paper, as the people themselves behind the company are what will determine whether or not it will succeed.

This is a great interview, and we are happy to have been part of it. Matthew's CannaInsider podcast series is doing a great job at profiling some of the most important voices in this burgeoning industry. Anyone interested in getting involved in the cannabis space would certainly benefit from tuning in.