Poseidon Co-Founder and Director of Relations, Emily Paxhia wrote an article that appeared last week in the Cannabis Business Times. Entitled "5 Key Ways the Cannabis Industry is Evolving, and 5 Barriers that Remain," the article summarizes some of the key trends that are both bringing the industry forward, and those that are holding it back.

Emily points out signs that it is evolving, such as the fact the industry is drawing money and talent from other industries, that growing methodologies are improving, and that with adult use being legal for over a year in certain states, more market research is capable of being done on both users and companies operating in the space.

That which is still holding the industry back includes the fact that the plant is still federally illegal, companies operating in the space are still having trouble accessing traditional banking resources, and that misinformation and outdated perceptions still plague the industry.

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