A series of articles on the blooming cannabis industry and the companies making names for themselves in it quoted a Poseidon co-founder recently.

Two publications used the words of Poseidon co-founder and director of relations, Emily Paxhia, to support their cases. The articles both argue that investors and venture capitalists are now flocking to the cannabis industry in hopes of making big returns in this growing industry. But the most seasoned of those investors aren't doing so blindly.

Instead of throwing cash at a promising start up with a wing and a prayer, the smartest investors are doing plenty of research first--especially if the company deals with the plant directly.

"Emily Paxhia, founding partner at Poseidon Asset Management, says that not only is there ultimately more money to be made in ancillary markets, but the companies will have an easier time finding investors," the Christian Science Monitor reported her saying.

“We do a tremendous amount of due diligence, but when it comes to companies that touch the plant, it’s almost eight times that.”

Quartz continues with some words about Poseidon Asset Management.

"The marijuana-focused firm invests on both sides of the 'green line' (a common phrase uttered here), but she ultimately thinks more money will be made in ancillary companies because of technology’s ability to innovate and scale."

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