Cannabis-infused foods are nothing new, but as the plant becomes more widely accepted, manufacturers are getting creative with the foods and flavors into which they are adding plant extracts. As new products hit the shelves, finance scribes are turning to the industry's established leaders to gauge how the public might react.

The latest edible du jour: cannabis infused coffee, made for one via K-cups and pods. Yahoo! Finance recently reported that the Seattle-based Uncle Ike's Pot Shop is now selling Catapult "premium infused coffee" pods with 10mg THC strength. A sales manager at Uncle Ikes likened it to a Red Bull and vodka cocktail: both relaxing and energizing.

Aside from Fairwinds Manufacturing, the producer of Catapult, the article mentions two other companies running with the same idea--Ed Rosenthal's Select Coffee & Tea and House of Jane. Both entities pitched at ArcView, which is where Poseidon first encountered them.

"Edibles... have been growing in popularity and are expected to account for more than half of all cannabis revenues this year," the article reads. "That's a good thing, says Emily Paxhia, co-founder of Poseidon Asset Management, a California asset manager focused on marijuana-related investments. While she doesn't like the level of waste K-cups create, 'the more that cannabis can be consumed in forms that are familiar to broader populations, the more interesting its going to become to a mass market.'

Wise words!

The article was also syndicated by Fox News.