Investing in Marijuana

Fortune this week published an article on a meeting of the leading business people in the cannabis industry--all of whom just so happen to be female.

"Now that marijuana has gone from illicit hippie drug to (sort of) legal medicinal plant, pot is beginning to acquire the same trappings that go along with any other industry. That means the emergence of boutique-style dispensaries, branded designer strains, 'budtenders,' and, yes, business conferences."

The article goes on to describe the vibe and business attended to at the most recent Women Grow event in Colorado. 

As one of the speakers at the event, Poseidon founder Emily Paxhia appeared in the article. 

"On Saturday morning there was yoga and a hike, during which Daniela Vergara, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Colorado, said she’s doing research to map the marijuana genome. She needs $75,000 to fund her project, “and I don’t know how to raise money,” she said.

"Advice came that morning from a panel on 'Creating Your Fundraising Deck.' Jessica Geran of Dutchess Capital and Emily Paxhia, of Poseidon Asset Management, the 'financial girls' in short black dresses and gold jewelry, spoke about how to prepare data and persuade investors to sign on."

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