A recent VICE News report on changing marijuana laws in Canada and the emerging investment opportunities therein featured commentary and quotes from Poseidon founders.

“On June 11, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down a provision in the country's medical marijuana law prohibiting the possession of marijuana extracts. The ruling potentially opened the door to the production of medical marijuana derivatives including tinctures, edibles, pills, and oils — and American investors took note…

"Largely, we focus on ancillary investing [in the US]," says Morgan Paxhia, who, with his sister Emily, founded Poseidon Asset Management, a San Francisco-based hedge fund focusing solely on the cannabis industry. "One step away from actually touching the plant, so to speak."

The article goes on to discuss some of the details of investing in the cannabis industry in the US, and the restrictions that a fund is held to domestically.

"Canada does have federal legalization, at least for the medicinal market, to start," Paxhia says. "So it does allow the ability to participate in some of the higher-cash-flow investments that currently are afforded in cultivation and dispensing," the article states.

It then details some of the factors that Poseidon takes into account when considering an investment outside the US.

The article ends with a final quote from our Chief Investor:

"It could be very interesting in the next year or two because Canada could just outright legalize, like Colorado or Washington," Morgan Paxhia says. "If they do that, the growth rates in Canada are going to be far beyond what they're considering right now."

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