Newsweek’s cover story this week is one that we find both exciting and fascinating—and not just because Poseidon is featured in it. It’s called “Women in Weed” and we couldn’t be more on board with its central argument—that the legal marijuana industry could be the first billion dollar industry led by women.

“It seems fitting that a plant called Mary Jane could smash the patriarchy,” writes Gogo Lidz. “After all, only female marijuana flowers produce cannabinoids like the potent THC chemical that gets users buzzed…. Women are moving into the pot business so quickly that they could make it the first billion-dollar industry that isn’t dominated by men.”

While men still do take up the majority of the jobs at the moment, the power and influence of women throughout the industry is growing fast. The article details a multitude of areas in which women are making the legal cannabis industry better, bigger, and more accepted in the public eye. It highlights the places where women are making names for themselves, boldly going where no woman (or man) has gone before--from leading grow facilities (Greta Carter at Life Gardens), to targeted recruitment agencies (Shaleen Title at THC Staffing), to cannabis focused hedge funds (Emily Paxhia at Poseidon Asset Management), and much, much more.

And with good reason. As Gennifer Murray of CannLabs, a cannabis testing facility in Colorado, says, women are better suited for the work itself.

“This is a compassionate industry, for the most part, especially if you're dealing with the medical side. The medical patients need time and consideration, and women are usually the better gender for that. The industry is flat-out geared for women.”

Check the article out now—on newsstands this week or on their site.