Forbes recently published an article on how women are taking leading roles in the developing cannabis industry.

"The non-traditional world of the cannabis industry looks very much like the regular corporate world – all men, but these women are out to change that... Impressive, influential women that have jumped right into the industry with hopes of establishing a strong foothold and breaking down traditional corporate barriers."

The article goes on to detail one of the leading women making waves in the industry currently--Emily Paxhia, co-founder of Poseidon Asset Management.

"Emily Paxhia, a co-founder of Poseidon Asset Management, and her brother Morgan decided to get into the cannabis industry after the tragic loss of both parents. They saw first hand how medical marijuana could have helped ease their parents' illness. When she and her brother found themselves out on the west coast, the former New Yorkers saw that the timing was right to strike out on their own and return to their entrepreneurial roots. Paxhia brought to the table ten plus years of work as a brand consultant and market researcher.

"Emily’s ability to reach out to investors and her brother’s investing skills were the magic for founding Poseidon Asset Management."

This is a great article and also mentions some really inspiring women who are doing wonderful things to advance the industry. We are so proud that Emily's hard work is being recognized on a national scale.

Read the full article here.