A new article in the New England Journal of Medicine addresses a topic that has received quite a bit of press over the past few years--treating epilepsy with cannabis.

The article, authored by Daniel Friedman, M.D. and Orrin Devinsky, M.D., is fascinating in that it shows that treating epilepsy in this way is nothing new. In fact, epilepsy was treated with cannabis as early as 1800 BC in Sumeria! Victorian-era neurologists also used Indian hemp to treat the brain disorder and reported dramatic success. In light of the fact that there are more than 20 different anti-seizure drugs, and that 30% of people with epilepsy continue to have seizures, it's a wonder that it took this long for cannabis to be re-considered as a valid treatment.

As you would expect from the New England Journal of Medicine, this article is well written and even handed in its treatment of cannabis as a potential therapeutic. Highly recommended reading!

Download the article, "Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Epilepsy" by clicking here.