Having been active investors in the cannabis space for some time now, and actually deploying capital, we’ve come to learn a few things about the ebbs and flows of the sector, the evolutions and progressions. This industry moves rapidly… we once equated cannabis years to dog years, but that has become an industry colloquialism. Most importantly, things change and we must be swift to adapt, while learning from what has happened.

As we head into the fall, we know that many have taken the summer off and have shifted to other activities. We would like to catch you up on what is happening in the new era of cannabis investing. In a new series of posts we are calling Cannabis Investing 2.0, we will be writing about what we see that is different about investing in the industry now, as compared to earlier in the year and in 2014. Most importantly, we are going to talk about what is emerging on the horizon and trends we feel will be big in the immediate future.

Consider this series of articles to be a ‘back to school’ prep for investing in cannabis for the final part of 2015. We will be covering such topics as:

  • Public companies (pubcos) - what has happened and where are we headed
  • Private Investing 2.0 - what trends we are noting:
    • Teams
    • Verticals
    • Involvement of broader sectors
    • Seed stage, series A expansion Capital
  • Investment sizes and co-investors
  • How to explain what investing in cannabis means to people who have no idea what that freaking means.

If you’re interested in a certain topic area or there's something you'd love more detail on, tweet at us using #cannabis2dot0 and your request might just make it into the blog!

Have a great holiday weekend, America.