Poseidon’s involvement with the fastest growing industry in America has been turning heads since inception in 2014. Now, with legalization sweeping across the country, and expected market size going to $20bn by 2020, the alternative investment sector publication, Opalesque published an interview with our upper management. 

“Very few fund managers have so far started investing in this market, but here is a brother-and-sister team that started looking into it as early as 2012,” they begin. “Emily and Morgan Paxhia, who founded San Francisco-based Poseidon Asset Management in early 2014… The US-domiciled fund’s strategy is growth-oriented. It invests in fixed income and public and private equities, and has a strong focus on the technology basket.”

The interview covers the founding of the fund, how cannabis investing parallels investing in the healthcare industry, the scope of our recent investments, and a little about our team’s investment strategy. 

When asked about the kind of feedback they are receiving from the investment community, Emily Paxhia responds: 

“The first thing we hear is that they are excited about the performance and they are excited to see an industry in this emerging space that has some alpha. In general, they are really thoughtful and ask really good questions and are very excited about the potentials… But sometimes, when we are presenting to a more traditional group that may not have been updated on what’s happening, we will get a few chuckles out of people who think it’s funny. 

“That’s until we start talking about the numbers and then the laughing stops pretty quickly”

Check out the full article here.