In corporate America, women hold only one quarter of executive roles, and just 5% of the CEO positions overall. Things are a little different in the cannabis industry, where women make up about 36% of leaders, including 63% of high-level positions. Fortune recently took a look at five of the most powerful women in the industry, naming first Poseidon founder, Emily Paxhia. 

"After more than a decade working as a brand consultant and market researcher for clients like Time Warner, Viacom, and American Express, Emily Paxhia joined her wealth manager brother, Morgan Paxhia, in founding Poseidon Asset Management in 2013. Poseidon is one of the first and only investment funds dedicated to investing exclusively in the cannabis industry, and currently has over 25 cannabis-focused portfolio companies across sectors as diverse as agriculture and machine learning."

We are thrilled to have a woman leading our company, and think its both important and refreshing to be part of an industry that sees the value of having female-led brands. We hope that this trend catches on and women can be treated as equals in business everywhere, and importantly, compensated equally for their contributions. 

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