As the legal cannabis market expands, the noise of opinions both informed and ignorant grows louder. It's refreshing to hear from the few that have been in the industry long enough to have perspective on the direction things are headed--especially when a national election draws closer each day. Poseidon co-founder Morgan Paxhia appeared in Business Insider recently echoing some of these sentiments.

The article Morgan authored, "5 Things People Still Don't Understand About the Legal Marijuana Industry," has already had over 6,200 views on the site. 

"As Americans, it is our right to vote," he writes, "which is a powerful thing, especially when driven by information. When misperceptions block the acceptance of new information, we all lose. Perceptions are a way we filter and process information in the world - sometimes they are beneficial and adaptive, while other times when it comes to misperception, it restricts openness and change."

He goes on to detail some of the most poisonous, biased, and frankly incorrect perceptions which are still held by some American citizens about the plant and its effects. Morgan details some fascinating data regarding what legalization might do to our society, how our youth might be affected, and the role hemp can play in our economy and environment. 

Well worth a read, head over to Business Insider to check out what he has to say.