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Co-founder and Managing Partner of Poseidon Asset Management, Emily Paxhia was featured in a special edition of the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month. The Sunday edition of the paper included a special insert called Green State, which highlights news and features about the cannabis industry. 

One of the leading articles in the paper focuses on the exodus from corporate America to the cannabis industry. Considered a ballsy move by some folks, the career switch is happening more and more often--a corporate brain-drain that is benefiting this emerging vertical. 

The article profiles several individuals who left high profile jobs to join, or in Paxhia's case, found, cannabis focused firms.

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"Once an industry of outlaws, legacy pot businesses have begun reaching far outside the core industry to fill high-level positions," the article states.  "Emily Paxhia, co-founder of the San Francisco cannabis investing company Poseidon Asset Management... and her brother Morgan host executive-level job fairs in the Bay Area to help fill upper-management jobs in cannabis."

Kudos to the Chronicle for putting out such a progressive insert in their Sunday edition, and congrats to all the forward thinking executives making their way in this thriving new field. 

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