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CNN Money Features Poseidon Founder

Emily Paxhia in CNN Money

In a recent CNN Money feature, Poseidon founder Emily Paxhia was written up for being a leading female figure in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Much as been written about the distinctly female trend in executives leading companies in the marijuana movement, including this cover story from Newsweek in late 2015.

Some attribute it to an industry that is so new (at least in legal, above-board operations), that it is not yet affected by business’ penchant for male domination, especially at the C-Suite level.

Others have found it justifiably fitting, as the most valuable element of the marijuana plant, the buds, are only produced by female plants.

"Emily Paxhia is one of the founding partners of Poseidon Asset Management, a cannabis-focused hedge fund… that invests primarily in cannabis-related companies, like those in agtech, compliance and industrial hemp technology," the article states. "While the fund has invested in women-owned companies in the industry, it's keen to find more, she said.”

"Female founders are often quite driven and show solid rates of success among startup founders."

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