Morgan Paxhia

Founding Partner & Chief Investor


Morgan is the key navigator at Poseidon Asset Management, guiding the Fund through the uncharted waters of the cannabis industry. With a degree in Applied Mathematics, Morgan draws on his years of experience along with a blend of instinct and innovation in crafting leading edge investment strategies for the portfolio he stewards.

For over four years, he held a position as an Investment Counselor with a privately owned Registered Investment Adviser. During that time, he successfully managed several high profile portfolios, constantly researching and selecting the most practical and productive investments. Morgan grew his portfolio oversight to more than $60 million in client assets during his tenure. In addition, Morgan has been critical to researching and implementing risk-adjusted investments and asset allocation strategies on his clients’ behalf.

Earlier, Morgan was a Financial Advisor Associate at UBS Financial Services in Providence, RI. At UBS, Morgan participated in a rotational program focused on building a strong wealth management and finance skill set and knowledge base. He was responsible for consulting Senior Management in selection of a new Wealth Management Team. He also worked on the municipal bond desk at UBS in New York City.

Emily Paxhia

Founding Partner & Director of Relations


Emily spends her time analyzing the Cannabis marketplace and building relationships. With 10+ years of experience working as a brand consultant and researcher, her work has included primary and secondary marketplace research and consulting in a number of categories and industries. She consulted the rebranding of the IFC to increase viewership and revenue and to develop Emmy –nominated programming. Also, she worked with Comedy Central to regain and grow viewership. Emily’s clients have included McKinsey, Time Warner, Viacom, HBO, Participant Media, and Comcast.

For over six years, Emily has had an ongoing relationship consulting with American Express, both on their business and consumer sides. Her work with them has led to the development of a lifestyle/financial mobile app, the reshaping of their brand focus and messaging, and the creation of a host of new charge and lending products and instruments.

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