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According to the Greek myth, when the world was divided by lot, Zeus was given the sky, Hades the underworld, and Poseidon the sea. Creator of the tides and master of the seas, Poseidon rules over that which to the untrained eye may seem to be utter chaos.

But like our namesake, Poseidon Asset Management navigates uncharted waters, where timid souls dare not tread, harnessing the changing winds, transmuting chaos into power.

 Business Model

Poseidon’s business model is designed specifically for investing in marijuana. Identifying attractive opportunities, we take advantage of market dislocations for the benefit of our clients. With an eye on emerging fields yet to be fully cultivated, Poseidon is unafraid to bring radical--yet proven--investment strategies to places and spaces others may balk, always knowing that with intelligent risk, great reward is inevitable as the tides.

 The Crew

Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to marijuana investment to generate wealth for savvy, intelligent investors with an eye for emerging opportunities.

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Company Manifesto

Poseidon Asset Management, LLC is an actively managed, diversified approach to the cannabis industry. 

Investing in this industry demands exponentially more time and energy than most of our clients would prefer. We aim to remove this "friction" by providing our clients with access to our carefully curated portfolio focusing on the cannabis industry. 

Poseidon is dedicated to putting capital to work funding the most promising ventures in the industry and allowing investors to grow with them.

We are committed to growing with the burgeoning cannabis industry in an honest, responsible, non-exploitative way.

Poseidon pledges to work toward changing the old, outdated perceptions of cannabis as a danger to society, and to replace that idea, through education and example, with a positive one.

Poseidon is committed to showing the good cannabis can render as a medicine, for adult use, and as a material that can aid humans in living sustainably and responsibly in communion with all the other beings of this planet.  


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