Emily Paxhia Poseidon

Emily Paxhia

Managing Director

Emily shifted her focus entirely to the cannabis industry in 2013. Since that time, she has taken her experience of researching markets, companies and strategic opportunities and turned it entirely to the world of cannabis. Her focus on understanding where the market is headed, rather than where it has been, has been critical to building a diverse portfolio of companies that span the sector. 

With over 15 years in working with Fortune 500 companies to develop products, resolve strategic errors, and address new target audiences, Emily's work has been fundamental to stewarding Poseidon's portfolio companies along their paths to success. 

Emily brings a qualitative lens to the review and due diligence process and has aimed to be connected and involved in as many aspects of the industry as possible. She has spoken at Recode's Code Conference, MJ Business Journal Conferences, Opal Investment Conferences, ArcView, NPR, the World Agritech Summit, Hemp Industries Association conferences, YPO and WPO events, and more. Emily holds a seat on the boards of several portfolio companies, as well as the National Hemp Association and the Marijuana Policy Project.

Emily's drive to grow the portfolio is catalyzed by her intense love of the industry and her desire to provide returns to Poseidon's Limited Partners. 

Morgan Paxhia Poseidon

Morgan Paxhia

Managing Director

With over ten years in the investment industry, Morgan has developed a deep understanding of individual company analysis, portfolio construction, and risk mitigation. 

Since 2012, Morgan has dedicated his investment focus primarily to the cannabis industry. Understanding the limited amount of information in this emerging industry, lack of institutional research, and lack of industry maturity, Morgan embraces a "boots on the ground" approach to better understand individual companies and the industry. Through extensive travel across the US and Canada, reviewing hundreds of business plans and overseeing cannabis investments, Morgan has developed Poseidon's investment methodology specific to the cannabis industry. He has created frameworks for analysis depending on sub-sector, company stage, and participation across the capital spectrum, leveraging his database of contacts and expertise in monitoring key metrics. 

Risk is paramount at Poseidon and Morgan utilizes multiple diversification strategies across the industry, capital spectrum and company stage to minimize risk while capturing growth for Poseidon's investors. Morgan believes the cannabis industry demands nimble investment analysis and a fluid portfolio allocation as Poseidon continues to capitalize on the maturing cannabis industry. 

Poseidon's commitment to cannabis is absolute and Morgan's goal is to provide the best opportunity to maximize returns for Poseidon's investors.


  • Develops and implements firm's investment strategy

  • Responsibility and oversight for allocating capital to investments

  • Performs qualitative and quantitative analysis on investment opportunities

  • Leads due diligence and advises on deal structuring 

  • Maintains detailed pipeline of potential deals 

  • Participates in portfolio-wide investment decisions and market research
  • Interacts with management of portfolio companies, monitors performance
  • Serves as a primary negotiator for approved transactions
  • Maintains industry business relationships to generate on-going deal flow
  • Works with external capital providers to gain support for investment financing

Poseidon Asset Management awards

Awards and Accolades

We are honored to have been recognized by several institutional bodies within the financial sector for the performance of our fund. Our awards include: 

  • Best Agri-Business Investment Manager 2017 - California & Best Agricultural Hedge Fund (Since Inception), awarded by Wealth and Finance International. Now in its fourth year, these awards cast a light on the individuals, firms and departments across all sectors that have played a part in shaping a dynamic and imitable industry.
  • Top Performing Hedge Fund Award for the last 3 years running, awarded by Barclay Hedge. Poseidon Asset Management LLC has been featured in the quarterly publication, Barclay Managed Funds Report (BMFR). Our fund, Demeter, has ranked # 1 in the alternative sector for 4th Quarter, 2016.
  • #3 Performing Fund in the Non Traditional Sector, Past Three Years running, as awarded by the Barclay Managed Funds Report.
  • Best Emerging Agricultural Hedge Fund and Most Pioneering Hedge Fund Manager, 2017. Both awarded by Acquisition International at the 2017 AI Awards. Coordinator Peter Rujgev of AI commented: “It has been a true honor to be able to showcase the hard work and commitment of every one of our deserving winners. This program has been going on for five years now, and during that time we have highlighted some of the industry’s greats. I hope all of our award winners have the very best of luck going forward…”

Company Manifesto

Poseidon Asset Management is dedicated to providing the most curated portfolio focusing on the cannabis industry, putting capital to work funding the most promising ventures in the industry and allowing investors to grow with them.

We are committed to growing with the burgeoning cannabis industry in an honest, responsible, non-exploitative way.

Poseidon pledges to work toward changing the old, outdated perceptions of cannabis as a danger to society, and to replace that idea, through education and example.

Poseidon seeks to end cannabis prohibition and all the injustices and harms that prohibition inflicts.

Poseidon is committed to showing the good cannabis can render as a medicine, for adult use, and as a material that can aid humans in living sustainably and responsibly in communion with all humans, animals, and insects with whom we share this planet.