Emily Paxhia Poseidon

Emily Paxhia

Managing Director

Emily shifted her focus entirely to the cannabis industry in 2013. Since that time, she has taken her experience of researching markets, companies and strategic opportunities and turned it entirely to the world of cannabis. Her focus on understanding where the market is headed, rather than where it has been has been, is critical to building a diverse portfolio of companies that span the sector. 

With 15+ years in working with Fortune 500 companies to develop products, to resolve strategic errors, and to address new target audiences has been beneficial to continuing to build Poseidon's portfolio companies along their path to success. 

Emily brings a qualitative lens to the review and due diligence process and has aimed to be connected and involved in as many aspects of the industry as possible. She has been seen speaking at WomenGrow Events, MJ Business Journal Conference, ArcView, Opal Investment Conferences, KQED, World Agritech Summit, Hemp Industries Association conferences, YPO and WPO events, etc. She sits on the boards of portfolio companies and also the National Hemp Association. Emily's drive to grow the portfolio is catalyzed by her intense love of the industry and her desire to provide returns to their Limited Partners. 

Morgan Paxhia Poseidon

Morgan Paxhia

Managing Director

With over ten years in the investment industry, Morgan has developed a deep understanding of individual company analysis, portfolio construction, and risk mitigation. 

Since 2012, Morgan has dedicated his investment focus primarily to the cannabis industry. Understanding the limited amount of information in this emerging industry, lack of institutional research, and lack of industry maturity, Morgan embraces a "boots on the ground" approach to better understand individual companies and the industry. Through this extensive travel across the US and Canada, reviewing hundreds of business plans and overseeing cannabis investments, Morgan has developed Poseidon's investment methodology specific to the cannabis industry. He has created frameworks for analysis depending on sub-sector, company stage, participation across the capital spectrum, etc. through our database of contacts, valuations, metrics and other relevant factors. 

Risk is paramount at Poseidon and Morgan utilizes multiple diversification strategies across the industry, capital spectrum and company stage to minimize risk while capturing growth for their investors. Morgan believes the cannabis industry demands nimble investment analysis and a fluid portfolio allocation as Poseidon continues to capitalize on the maturing cannabis industry. 

Poseidon's commitment to cannabis is absolute and Morgan's goal is to provide the best opportunity to maximize returns for Poseidon's investors.


  • Develops and implements firm's investment strategy

  • Responsibility and oversight for allocating capital to investments

  • Performs qualitative and quantitative analysis on investment opportunities

  • Leads due diligence and advises on deal structuring 

  • Maintains detailed pipeline of potential deals 

  • Participates in portfolio-wide investment decisions and market research
  • Interacts with management of portfolio companies, monitors performance
  • Serves as a primary negotiator for approved transactions
  • Maintains industry business relationships to generate on-going deal flow
  • Works with external capital providers to gain support for investment financing

Company Timeline


Poseidon Asset Management in San Francisco

Founders begin researching potential opportunities around the cannabis industry. First investments are made to build the future hedge fund model. 


October Poseidon Asset Management is founded. Morgan Paxhia leaves previous employment to re-locate to San Francisco and focus full time with the team.


January - Poseidon Asset Management's fund opens to investors and founders. After research and legal work, the team launches entirely seed funded. 

January - Colorado is the first state to open dispensaries to legal adult use cannabis.

May Poseidon speaks at the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) business conference – noting that data is the prime indicator of a company's investment potential. 

July Dispensaries in Washington state opens their doors to adult-use consumers – Poseidon is there for the inaugural day on a due diligence trip to inspect a facility.

August - With four companies and several public holdings, Poseidon establishes an early precedent for having a balanced, diversified portfolio. 

October - Poseidon founder interviewed on NBC News as judges at the first ever marijuana tech start up competition

November - As judges at the MJ Business Conference Pitch Slam, Poseidon reviews pitches and offers advice, sharing a stage with Ben from Ben & Jerry's. Poseidon executives are quoted in the LA Times and CBS Affiliate KBLS.

December - Poseidon ends with year with 11 companies and several public holdings rounding out the portfolio. 

First and Second Quarter 2015

January - Poseidon is featured in the Wall Street Journal, as well as being profiled in Cashinbis and CannaInsider

February Poseidon continues industry leadership, writing a daily column in MJI News regarding the ebbs and flows of the cannabis industry. A month later, Poseidon begins contributing articles and commentary to Cannabis Business Times. 

February Alaska ends marijuana prohibition, making the plant legal to possess and grow by adults. Oregon and D.C. will follow in coming months, becoming the third, fourth, and fifth states to approve this measure. 

April Poseidon signs on as a mentor for the first industry accelerator Canopy Boulder – working early with industry darling, Tradiv

April - International Business Times lists Poseidon in the Top 20 Most Influential People in Cannabis. 

May - Poseidon appears in a CNBC story on a new line of CBD-infused pet treats. Fox News and Yahoo Finance quote Poseidon regarding upcoming products and industry developments. 

May Emily leads and investment workshop alongside Andrea Goldman & Jessica Geran for the first ever Women Grow Leadership Summit

May - Forbes calls Poseidon a top-rated cannabis fund and Emily Paxhia one of the leading female executives in the industry.

June - Fortune magazine and Barron's both quote Poseidon on the rapid growth and expansion of the cannabis industry.

June - Morgan Paxhia of Poseidon appears live on Fox Business News in an interview regarding the emerging opportunities investing in marijuana and the businesses surrounding it. 

Third and Fourth Quarter 2015

July - Poseidon appears in Vice and The Economist regarding the legal cannabis market and its expansion throughout North America.  

August - Poseidon has a total of 20 companies along with public holdings in the portfolio. 

August - A Newsweek cover story and the International Business Times feature Poseidon regarding the industry and the growing participation of female executives in it. 

September – Emily speaks at the Hemp Industry Association conference alongside Mike Fata from Manitoba Harvest

September – Emily Paxhia wins the Investor Member of the Year Award from the ArcView Investor Network.

December – Morgan moderates a cannabis panel at the LD Micro Cap Conference in Los Angeles. 

December – Poseidon ends the year with 27 companies in the portfolio and more in the pipeline. Portfolio companies begin scaling, moving on to Series A.

Company Manifesto

Poseidon Asset Management is dedicated to providing the most curated portfolio focusing on the cannabis industry, putting capital to work funding the most promising ventures in the industry and allowing investors to grow with them.

We are committed to growing with the burgeoning cannabis industry in an honest, responsible, non-exploitative way.

Poseidon pledges to work toward changing the old, outdated perceptions of cannabis as a danger to society, and to replace that idea, through education and example.

Poseidon seeks to end cannabis prohibition and all the injustices and harms that prohibition inflicts.

Poseidon is committed to showing the good cannabis can render as a medicine, for adult use, and as a material that can aid humans in living sustainably and responsibly in communion with all humans, animals, and insects with whom we share this planet.