After Years of Hard Work, a Grateful Harvest


After Years of Hard Work, a Grateful Harvest

Barclay Hedge released this summer the performance records for the highest achievements in the financial industry. We are very proud to share that Poseidon has won the number one position for top performing fund over the past three years in the “Sector - Other" category. This is a record of our performance during the 07/01/2015 - 06/30/2018 time frame.

barclay managed funds report.png

Our thanks to all the investors who believed in us and stuck with us over the past three years. We have much more growth to share, and some truly exceptional investments in the pipeline.

Additionally, Morgan has made some high profile television appearances recently on CNBC and Bloomberg. If you missed them, below is a clip from CNBC’s Squawk on the Street.




Poseidon Wins Accolades at Hedge Fund Awards

2018 AI award.PNG

Poseidon's hedge fund, Demeter Capital Group, has for the second year running won awards within the financial sector at the Acquisition International 2018 Hedge Fund Awards. This year. Demeter earned the Best Emerging Sector-Focused Fund (Since Inception) award. 

A traditionally fast paced industry, the hedge fund market has seen many challenges this year as financial markets around the world face political and social struggles. Within the cannabis industry, things have been equally volatile. Despite this, Poseidon has excelled in the last twelve months, working diligently to provide strong returns and quality investor support.

Discussing the awards, AI Coordinator Heather Ryan, commented, “It has been a true honor to be able to showcase the hard work and commitment of every one of my deserving winners.”

Acquisition International prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

See the full press release. To learn more about the awards, visit the Acquisition International website.



California Goes Live!

On January 1, 2018, The California Adult Use / Retail market opened its doors to become the largest legal cannabis market in the world.

The Poseidon team canvased the Bay Area and Northern California to witness the first transactions in the history of this new, already massive market. It was exciting to see history in the making.

Four years ago, we witnessed the opening of Colorado, and this event mirrored that excitement, with the exuberance of the public markets ramping up at the close of Q4 2017.

This video was created by one of our earliest team members and reflects the buzz we all feel kicking off this new year and new age of cannabis stewardship! 




Poseidon Co-Founder Counted Among the Most Important Women in the Industry


Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) has compiled a list of the most important and influential women in the industry, and has included Poseidon co-founder and Managing Director, Emily Paxhia for 2017. 

CBE's list represents individuals who have made great advancements, "in the unrelenting effort to create a nationally regulated and prohibition-free industry that competes under the same rules and guidelines that other similar industries enjoy."

We are honored to have Emily recognized for her efforts and expertise. We're also happy to recall that this isn't the first time she's been recognized. Emily was chosen for similar honors previously by both Forbes and Fortune.

See the full list of ladies on the CBE site



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Who said cannabis and numbers don’t go together?

help wanted.PNG

My name is Andy and I recently joined Poseidon, a fund focusing on the legal cannabis industry. Since joining, I’ve noticed firsthand the disappointing lack of accounting and finance-minded professionals participating in this revolutionary industry. For this reason, I’d like to tell you why accountants, bookkeepers, and finance gurus alike should consider the high growth industry of legal cannabis.

It’s growing – like a weed!

The next time you’re enjoying a vintage from Napa Valley, consider that once upon a time (1933), alcohol too was federally illegal. One by one though, the people’s voice was heard and states took it upon themselves to repeal prohibition and the disastrous effects prohibition spurred.

Recently, a nearly identical process has begun in cannabis. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize the medical use of cannabis and in 2012, Colorado voted to legalize its recreational use via ballot initiative. Since then, 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis in one form or another. Legal cannabis is now the fastest growing industry in the United States on track to become a $50b industry, with growth rates comparable to television, home, and mobile internet adoption.

There are legitimate medical benefits to cannabis

Thanks in large part to Charlotte Figi, the young girl whose parents used high cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis to medicate her persistent seizures with tremendous success, the medicinal value of CBD, and cannabinoids in general, entered the public lexicon. As our understanding of the endocannabinoid system and cannabis’s function as a neuroprotectant expands, so too does its acceptance as legitimate medicine.

While more research is needed to speak definitively, cannabis has demonstrated efficacy in the areas of chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s and even cancer! While I wouldn’t blame you for being skeptical, check out Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s article explaining why he changed his stance on cannabis.

Prohibition has had devastating consequences

Despite being classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance on par with heroin, cannabis is nonetheless readily available (and America’s #2 cash crop prior to any attempt to legalize it). It’s estimated that we spent $3.6 billion enforcing marijuana prohibition in 2010. Arguably, the human and societal toll of locking up nonviolent drug offenders has been far worse.

As a society, we need to figure out how to legalize and regulate marijuana in a way that balances the risks. There is still a tremendous amount of research that needs to be done, both on the benefits and detriments of this vilified plant. Under prohibition however, this research has been virtually impossible to perform. Supporting legit businesses by making sure they are getting their books in order helps to legitimize the industry in the eyes of the law and enables sustained growth.

Not to mention, the puns are pretty dope

Work in cannabis and trust me, your buds will be jealous. Its few and far apart that an opportunity to catalyze an industry presents itself. And much like any other industry, potential employers span the gamut; from plant touching cultivation and dispensary businesses to ancillary tech, data, media, marketing, compliance and beyond.

So, if you have a background in accounting or finance and think you might want to join the cannabis industry, reach out! We’ve put together a brief survey to compile interested candidates at the URL below. You can also check out start-ups on AngelList and introduce yourself to venture capital firms and incubators in the space; someone you know might even already be involved.



Interested Candidate Survey:

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Paxhia Featured in San Francisco Chronicle

GreenState Tab 3 cover  as jpg small.jpeg

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Poseidon Asset Management, Emily Paxhia was featured in a special edition of the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month. The Sunday edition of the paper included a special insert called Green State, which highlights news and features about the cannabis industry. 

One of the leading articles in the paper focuses on the exodus from corporate America to the cannabis industry. Considered a ballsy move by some folks, the career switch is happening more and more often--a corporate brain-drain that is benefiting this emerging vertical. 

The article profiles several individuals who left high profile jobs to join, or in Paxhia's case, found, cannabis focused firms.

emily paxhia in green state.PNG

"Once an industry of outlaws, legacy pot businesses have begun reaching far outside the core industry to fill high-level positions," the article states.  "Emily Paxhia, co-founder of the San Francisco cannabis investing company Poseidon Asset Management... and her brother Morgan host executive-level job fairs in the Bay Area to help fill upper-management jobs in cannabis."

Kudos to the Chronicle for putting out such a progressive insert in their Sunday edition, and congrats to all the forward thinking executives making their way in this thriving new field. 

Read the full article here



Poseidon Featured in Elle

Poseidon in French Elle

Elle France recently wrote an article on the female titans of the cannabis industry, and featured Poseidon founder and Managing Director, Emily Paxhia. The article, entitled "Les reines du reportage cannabusiness" describes the rise of the industry and how refreshing and interesting it is that so many women have become icons and leaders in it. 

Though the article is in French, feel free to download and read a copy here




Poseidon Wins Best Alternative Investment Award

Poseidon Alternative Investment Award 2017

Award season continues with Poseidon winning the Best Agri-Business Investment Manager 2017 - California & Best Agricultural Hedge Fund (Since Inception) from Wealth and Finance International. The award is based purely on merit and performance. 

Wealth and Finance International describes the category and award: "Previously an undervalued industry, the alternative investment category has grown immensely over the past few years. Behind the ever-growing success are the leading lights whose innovation, dedication and inventive ways has seen them accomplish some remarkable results.

"Now in its fourth year, the 2017 Alternative Investment Awards cast a light on the individuals, firms and departments from across all sectors that have played a part in shaping this dynamic and imitable industry."




Poseidon Wins Top Performing Hedge Fund Award

Barclay Hedge has awarded our hedge fund, Demeter Capital Group, the Top Performing Hedge Fund Award for the last 3 years running. Looking at how our compounded annual returns compared with other funds, Demeter outperformed all the competition.

From Barclay Hedge: 

"We are pleased to announce that Poseidon Asset Management LLC has been featured in the quarterly publication, Barclay Managed Funds Report (BMFR)Demeter Capital Group LP has ranked # 1 in the Sector - Other - Past Three Years category for 4th Quarter, 2016."

See the current multi-year rankings for the top performing managed futures programs, and three-year rankings on the top performing hedge funds across 21 different sectors.

An interview and profile of Poseidon also appeared in trad pub, Opalesque recently. Check it out here. 


Business Insider Quotes Poseidon in Reaction to Sessions' Appointment


Business Insider Quotes Poseidon in Reaction to Sessions' Appointment

As the new head of the Justice Department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will have sweeping power over how the federal government approaches marijuana during the new administration. Looking to judge how the industry has reacted to his appointment, Business Insider interviewed several industry leaders, including Poseidon Managing Director, Morgan Paxhia.