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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Team Poseidon is counted in IBT's Top 20 Most Influential People in Cannabis.

“Sister-and-brother Emily and Morgan Paxhia of San Francisco head an investment fund for entrepreneurs interested in more than a get-rich-quick scheme. As the co-founding partners of Poseidon Asset Management, they have made it a point to work with people who are interested in the future of cannabis. One of the core elements of Poseidon is that ‘capital is a change agent,’ says Morgan, the company’s chief investor."

FORBES: "The non-traditional world of the cannabis industry looks very much like the regular corporate world – all men, but these women are out to change that.... Impressive, influential women that have jumped right into the industry with hopes of establishing a strong foothold and breaking down traditional corporate barriers. Emily Paxhia, a co-founder of Poseidon Asset Management, and her brother Morgan decided to get into the cannabis industry after the tragic loss of both parents... Emily’s ability to reach out to investors and her brother’s investing skills were the magic for founding Poseidon Asset Management.

FOX BUSINESS NEWS: “Investing in marijuana may have big potential--sales of legal pot were up $2.7 billion last year, a 74% increase over 2013. That makes it the fastest growing industry in the US....Today we have Morgan Paxhia with us from Poseidon Asset Management, the only hedge fund actively investing in this space... 'There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity where you aren’t crossing that federal law, but there’s still the opportunity to invest…'"

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